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Creative, original, deeply researched with a wealth of knowledge, assignments handled by our subject-specific expert tutors carry the unmistakable stamp of erudition. With years of tutoring experience and a commitment to delivering
customized assignments ahead of time, Help Essays is the only source you need to turn to for professional, guaranteed and affordable services.


Thought provoking, well structured, intensely researched, precisely referenced and with a flow as well as consistency, essays created by our topic expert tutors contribute to your success. Our tutoring experts put across arguments with practiced mastery and conclude with a telling point that will earn your essays top marks.

Research Proposals / Project proposal

Each Research or project proposal is a precursor to a dissertation and critical to its success. Your project proposals are handled only by tutors who will select the topic and later on mature it into a full dissertation. Tutoring help backed by research includes important facets to the proposal such as aims, review, methodology, findings, discussion, references and timelines.


Tutors with the highest qualifications and years of academic tutoring as well as dissertation writing experience will be handling your dissertations with practiced finesse. You can trust to deliver original, in-depth dissertations that
carry the hallmark of quality. Each dissertation will be well structured, with a depth of subject detail, references, bibliography, statistical analysis and all that you would expect of a top notch output from research oriented tutors.


Scholarly, refined, broad ranging, carrying a depth of data, well researched, referenced, cross-indexed with statistical analysis, each original compilation prepared by our experienced research tutors gains you glowing plaudits. Whether it is for Ph.D or Masters, our tutors create masterly thesis that carry the unmistakable stamp of scholarly excellence.

Articles and Discussion Papers

Authentic and custom articles as well as discussion papers are our forte. Turn to our tutoring help and benefit from our tutors’ depth of knowledge and experience for all articles and discussion papers that come out as works of scholarly diligence and get you through to your target with ease. Quality, professionalism, timeliness and friendly services are our hallmarks.

SPSS Analysis

If you have prepared a thesis or dissertation but statistics and data analysis is not your strong point, leave it to our expert tutor statisticians to take care of the SPSS analysis part using custom software to add that scholarly and refined touch with professional finesse. Whether it is for primary research and data analysis or as part of the thesis, you are presented customized in-depth study and analysis that serve as a rock solid foundation for your work.

Power Point Presentation

Even a simple power point presentation, when handled by our research tutors offering excellent tutoring help, takes on sophistication and a flow that will give it a professional look and will impress viewers. Trust us for quality, creatively designed and well researched presentation for a touch of unmistakable class and

Academic Posters

Leave it to us to create a visually rich, striking composition of graphics, text and photographs that will intuitively summarize your research in a telling manner. Our experts come up with academic posters that have a strong impact and convey just the right information in an impressive creation.

Reflective Report

Reflective reports created by our research tutors with years of tutoring skills carry the touch of authenticity and show the depth of experiences presented in lucid, concise and conclusive manner. Well structured, referenced and formatted, reflective reports created by carry the touch of professional excellence to get you full marks.