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Online Tutoring

The age of networking and digitization has compelled us to think out of the closet. The traditional means of communication, trade and commerce, business, financial transactions, service procurement and rendition has undergone a sea of changes, owing the pervasion of internet. Even provisions for online training in subjects and courses have begun to recuperate with the advent newer websites and innovative methods of teaching. So, would it be correct to call online tutoring a fake and useless activity?

Let’s just say that the world is not yet ready for the complete evolution of existing systems. Even though a ‘smart class’ is proving to be an effective method of teaching young learners, online tutoring hasn’t got that edge as of yet. Education is more diffusible only when there is real communication between the educator and the student. A virtual interface makes the whole process a tad bit phony and less substantial. Still, most universities around the world resort to ‘live’ professors who choose to teach with either a board and a marker, or a chalk, or maybe a ‘smart board’ if absolutely necessary. Still, most students opt to go for tutors whom they can actually meet in person, instead of ones who only seem to exist in the virtual periphery.

The holistic approach to education and learning is the optimal synchrony of human cognition and its special senses. If and only if each of them is satisfied, a student benefits from the process of teaching. Besides, the credibility of a tutor lies in his or her acumen and also his ability to communicate with the student properly. When online tutoring is in question, it hardly caters to that specific requirement of the student; to have complete faith on the teacher and learn eventually. The hindrance in this kind of tutoring medium is that, the student hardly gets to know who the teacher is. The knowledge gained from the due process is mostly superficial and doesn’t really enrich the knowledge of the individual.

So, what do you think ?

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